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Disclaimer: The template provided in the form of Visual Studio project (C# and JS) is meant to act as a starter kit for Windows 8 Store apps development. You are recommended to change or modify the look and feel to suit the branding that is required for your app. The template by no means restricts you to stick to the layout, navigation or other aspects indicated.

Project Description

Travel picture template is an emulation of a travel app with placeholders for Vacation destination, group destination and tour detail data. Enquire and Bookmark features are left out of the template intentionally as they are better dealt during actual implementation.

You can leverage this template even if you are not building a travel app, but the implementation scenario is closest to the template. Please refer to the “snapshots” folder under the root template folder to get a glimpse of the template look and feel.

Download includes the following

  • Source (C# and JS)
  • Package
  • Snapshots
  • Documentation

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